the best sex cam sites on the internet in 2020/

Drawing up a list of the best sex cam sites online in 2020 isn’t very difficult. When the internet first started picking up enough power to broadcast live video feeds there were countless places to see nude women. Speeds were often excruciatingly slow and the broadcasts were low quality and choppy. Countless adult webcam sites launched alongside many more individual performers who set up their own websites with live video chat options.

These days the internet is more a part of regular life. Along with it so is internet porn, sexting and live sex chats. In the same way that MindGeek dominates internet porn there are a handful of sites that lead the way when it comes to sex cams. Sure you can find a myriad of others. But the major players are where it’s at with few exceptions. The biggest cam sites draw in the most viewers which in turn brings in the most and best models. It’s basic economics. All you have to do is follow the money.

Years ago adult webcams were a frequent topic of conversation on this website. In recent years I haven’t covered the subject as much. While I am sure there are now more models and viewers than ever something does seem to have been lost. I haven’t noticed as many standout performers like those I have interviewed in the past. Then again the days of Johnny Wadd Holmes and Jenna Jameson have also come to a close. Somehow it all seems more ephemeral.

Yet live sex videos will always be alluring. And in many ways the adult cam sites continue to improve and innovate. The sites that appear on this list of the four best cam sites in 2020 are all at the top of their game. It’s unlikely any red blooded adult with a functioning libido would find them uninteresting even if they’re old hands who have “seen it all” like me.

1. Chaturbate

Chaturbate has been the best adult cam site in the world for years now. It uses the free free chat model that was once controversial but is now fairly standard across the internet. Without as much as logging in or spending a penny you can view any of the various broadcasts on the site. If you want to chat with the performers or ask them to perform specific tasks, you just sign up and purchase some tokens. This model clearly works as millions are on Chaturbate every single day.

Chaturbate also has one of the widest varieties of performers you can find on any cam site. Whether you want to watch solo women from the United States, couples from Eastern Europe, foursomes from Latin America or ladyboys from Southeast Asia you will find them on Chaturbate!

chaturbate female modelschaturbate female models

Another feature that stands out is the ability of performers to run contests and games on their chats. This may sound uninspiring. And I have to admit that it could be clunky and dull in the early years. But now you can drop a few tokens to have a performer take off a random piece of clothing or perhaps deepthroat her dildo or costar. So it keeps things fun and fresh.

These days you can also directly and physically interact with the performers on Chatrubate thanks to the modern marvel known as teledildonics. Many of the performers use a device called the OhMiBod that is basically a vibrator. They connect the OhMiBod to Chaturbate so that the toy vibrates when they get a tip. So for as little as 8 cents you can stimulate the pussy of a lady you’re watching live.

2. Myfreecams

If you would have asked me to make a list of the best sex cam sites several years ago I would have put Myfreecams at the top. In fact I did exactly that when I drew up my first list of the four best adult webcam sites back in the early days of this site. But things do change over time. Chaturbate has clearly overtaken Myfreecams in my opinion. Though that doesn’t mean that MFC isn’t good or even great. It’s both!

For whatever reason MFC has the ability to attract some of the best and most attractive cam models in the world. I guess it has a lot to do with income. I have talked to quite a few cam models over the years and many have told me that they earn the most with Myfreecams. MFC follows the free chat model where models make money from tips and paid naughtyfriendgirl private performances.

myfreecams homepagemyfreecams homepage

Myfreecams hasn’t done much to update its look in years. I personally don’t think that matters much but then I am one of those guys who gets bummed out every time my computer or phone goes through an automatic update. It is as easy as ever to preview the performers by simply mousing over the little camera icon. You can also sort the performers which makes it easy to find the Asian gals.

There was a sort of purge of Filipina performers years ago but these days you can find plenty of Asian women on the site. You can also find lots of hot Europeans and a surprising number of sexy women from the US. What you wont find on MFC are couples, guys or ladyboys. I imagine that in itself is a draw for some.

3. CamSoda

While MFC follows its old tried and true model CamSoda continues to innovate on a daily basis. There is a good chance you have already heard of this website. It has been covered everywhere including plenty of mainstream media outlets. The site is so notable because it blends modern technology with live chats in a way that has never been done before.

In what might have been the most widely talked about example CamSoda actually opened an internet shop selling digital blowjobs billed as “the iTunes of blowjobs”. For a set fee guys could purchase specially made videos of gals blowing high tech dildos. The guys could strap into teledildonic toys made for men and feel what they were seeing. It was quite something.

camsoda modelscamsoda models

CamSoda also did other things like offering a hundred thousand dollars to a viral star to do a live broadcast on their site. Later they incorporated teledildonics into a service offering virtually lick jobs to women. Guys could also log in with their penises instead of using passwords of fingerprints. You get the idea.

Of course none of this would be enough to get CamSoda on a best sex cam list. At the end of the day the site actually has to be good. CamSoda definitely is. You can find a wide variety of performers there including quite a few very good lookers. It doesn’t cost the world either. So it’s definitely worth a look.

4. Sakura Live

Last but certainly not least there is Sakura Live which is definitely one of the best sex cam sites around. It might not look like much but Sakura Live is the only place where you can do live nude chat with Japanese women. For those who know that actually means a lot.

When it comes to sensuality Japanese women deserve their reputation. There is a reason Japanese porn is so popular. It is the same reason so many Asian and “Asian looking” performers and even service providers falsely claim to be Japanese. Guys around the world have long known or at least been told the legends about J-girls. I am not one to over generalize or buy into stereotypes. But I can tell you from real life experience that Japanese women by and large have a lot to offer.

sakura live japanese modelssakura live japanese models

In some ways Sakura Live reminds me of the above mentioned MFC. The Sakura Live site looks decidedly old school. Though at least they have updated it in recent times and added some new features. The addition of live translation from Japanese to English goes a long way in facilitating chats between Japanese performers and viewers. I am not as excited by the addition of some non-Japanese performers.

Still Sakura Live remains the best way to get intimate with Japanese women online. Visiting the country in person and meeting Japanese women is of course in many ways superior. But that’s not something every guy can or wants to do. Even though I am a regular visitor to the land of the rising sun I find myself often returning to Sakura Live to chat with extremely sexy and sensual nude Japanese women who do all they can to turn me on in exchange for a few yen.